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Why Insulate?

It’s all about being comfortable in your home. And Johns Manville insulation products offer a variety of easy, cost-effective ways to achieve that goal. When your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, your HVAC system runs more efficiently and can last longer. You’ll save money, use less energy and add value to your home.

So whether you’re adding an addition to your home or just looking to increase energy efficiency and comfort, JM insulation products provide numerous benefits:

Help regulate indoor temperatures year-round
Reduce heating and cooling bills
Increase operating efficiency for your HVAC system
Reduce unwanted inside and outside noise
Improve indoor air quality by preventing mold, moisture and allergens from getting inside your home
Add fire protection*
Lasts the life of your home
Add value to your home

Home Insulation Basics

Johns Manville makes a variety of insulation types for every part of your home:
Formaldehyde-Free™ Fiber Glass Batts and Rolls: available in different thicknesses, R-values and widths to accommodate standard-size walls, crawl spaces, attics and more. Additionally, our different product offerings help make installation easier. Fiber glass insulation is available in many different forms, including rolls and pre-cut batts to fit all standard and non-standard wall cavities. Fiber glass comes in a variety of R-values for different applications throughout your home. Before you begin an insulation project, you should verify the size of your wall cavities (generally 16” or 24”) and attic space to calculate how much insulation you will need. Check out our Project Guide to determine what type of fiber-glass insulation is required for your project.

Blow-in Loose Fiber Glass: Typically used in unfinished attics, nonconforming spaces and hard-to-reach areas such as corners, edges and around framing. Requires a blowing machine for installation.

Spray Foam: This alternative to fiber glass is most commonly used in new construction. It is applied using a specific spray applicator―resulting in a thermal, air and moisture barrier. JM provides a variety of closed-cell and open-cell spray foam solutions to meet specific building and climate needs.

Mineral Wool: Specifically designed to deliver robust sound dampening, exceptional fire resistance and superior temperature control, it is most commonly installed in wood-stud cavities of interior and exterior walls, basements, ceilings, floors and crawl spaces.

Foam Sheathing: Rigid-foam-sheathing insulation for use in commercial and residential construction where continuous insulation and/or high thermal efficiency is required. JM provides sheathing solutions for both interior and exterior applications.